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Christian Ruiz was born on January 19, 1962. He joined the National School of Fine Arts in Paris in 1976, where he studied drawing with Roger Plin.
Following these studies, he participated in multiple exhibitions and fairs in the Paris region as well as abroad. In 1991, thanks to the “Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris”, he obtained an art studio in Montmartre.

In 1994, he opened a new art studio and gallery in Vence, on the Côte d'Azur, where he carries on his work and continues to develop many international contacts.

法国艺术家Christian Ruiz,1962年1月19日出生。1976加入巴黎国立美术学校学习绘画,师从Roger Plin。


Message from the artist:
My art studio represents for me a research lab: I search, I find, I evolve. My willpower and patience are for me the fruit of my labor.
我的艺术工作室是我探索艺术的实验室 - 我探索,我发现,我成长。意志力和耐心是我耕耘的果实。
Each year, spring comes and nature gets revived. I don’t look forward nor backwards as I am lucky to enjoy my work. Having an artist’s soul is to let one’s breathing and heart take time to discover new things, even the simplest things. Enjoying those things as much as possible enables me to accomplish beautiful art pieces.


Background Information on the Art Pieces
From the year 2005 onwards, my meetings with artists from the Flamenco scene generated a passion in me that was reflected in my art. Those encounters also allowed me to retrieve the echo of my Spanish childhood and awaken my roots.
In these paintings, the musical notes are like colors; various instruments, the dancers’ dance, the hands and the eyes that look and question the observer are complex mechanisms of life and joy!
From one painting to the other, my art pieces are like architectures that can be unbuilt and put back together in a different way. My paintings represent journeys, colorful festivities that celebrate life.
A wide collection of art pieces around this theme accompanied me on canvas during five years of my life.



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